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Nuanced and dynamic social forces need to be accounted for and navigated successfully to mitigate risks and to create value from opportunities for positive impact.

Social Media:

There's the community next door and there's the world wide community online. The voice of public sentiment is increasingly digitized. The digital ecosystem is where social risks and opportunities for positive impact can can be identified as well as acted upon. 

Labor Management:


Strong internal relations is paramount to the resilience and operational integrity of any business. Having a sensitive ear to the issues, identifying risks before they materialize, and identifying opportunities for positive impact are at the center of strong relations. 

Health & Safety:

The health and safety of employees and the greater community is critical in both the short and long-term. Both major events and passive conditions impact the strength and integrity of any organization. The right framework, monitoring, and controls are crucial to ensuring the health and safety from old and new threats and risks.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

CSR is an opportunity to strengthen relations with the community, build trust, and make partners out of stakeholders. However, ad-hoc projects can fail to deliver the intended impact. Identifying the right opportunities for positive impact and employing effective CSR strategy that aligns with core mission is key.

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