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Google is making it easier to develop quantum machine-learning apps - TensorFlow Quantum

MIT Technology Review:

Google is releasing free open-source software that will make it easier to build quantum machine-learning applications. TensorFlow Quantum is an add-on to Google’s popular TensorFlow toolkit, which has helped give machine learning a big boost since its launch in 2015.

TensorFlow Quantum will let you write quantum apps without getting bogged down in the details of the hardware they are running on. A switch lets you flick between an actual quantum computer and a simulation of one on a classical machine. This means that you can debug your quantum app in a simulation before trying to run it on a full-blown quantum setup.  Masoud Mohseni, who leads the TensorFlow Quantum project, expects coders will use it to discover fundamental new algorithms that can be reused by others again and again.

- William Douglas Heaven

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